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About the Koasati Language

Koasati is the language of the Coushatta Tribe, who live in Central Louisiana. As a Mukogean language, it is related to Choctaw, Chickasaw, Alabama, Apalachee, Mikasuki, and Creek.

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Our Koasati course was created in 2015 by the Coushatta Tribe. The course includes 3 units, each with 3 lessons. It is designed to teach the essentials of the Koasati language and the Coushatta culture.

A screenshot showing a multiple-choice activity in the Koasati language course.
A screenshot showing a language-learning game in the Koasati language course.

You'll learn Koasati words and phrases. Try word games and puzzles to improve your language skills. Compare your Koasati to a native speaker's pronunciation. Learn Koasati grammar and practice with interactive exercises... and more.

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This Koasati course is 100% free and supported by 7000 Languages, a nonprofit that helps Indigenous people (like the Coushatta) teach their languages. Click below to sign up for an account and learn Koasati.