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We Make Language Apps for Rare Languages

7000 Languages is a nonprofit that creates free language-learning software for Indigenous communities around the world. We help speakers of unusual languages amplify their language and culture by sharing it online.

Our software platform is donated and maintained by Transparent Language, which ensures that our courses remain up-to-date with the latest operating systems.

Learn Indigenous and Endangered Languages

Want to learn an Indigenous or endangered language? You can study for free with us! We offer free online courses in more than 15 languages. Each one was designed by the language community to reflect their language and culture, and each one features audio from native speakers.

You'll learn words and phrases while experiencing a new culture. Try word games and puzzles to improve your language skills. Compare your pronunciation to a native speaker's. Learn grammar and practice with interactive exercises... and more.

Support Our Work

Excited about these courses? Please consider donating to support our work. Language advocates like you make our programs possible, and help fund each new course we create.

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