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Sarah and Johnny record for the Benhti Kenaga' language course

What does it mean to give the gift of language?

Sarah Silas has been teaching her Benhti Kenaga' since the 1970s. Now, even at age 93, she's still committed to keeping her language alive.

For young people like Johnny, Sarah holds priceless knowledge about language, culture, and identity. In this picture, she's helping him learn to say a difficult Benhti Kenaga' sound. But Sarah can't teach everyone in the community. And she won't be able to share her knowledge forever.

For the past three years, we've been working with Sarah and Doyon Foundation to create an online Benhti Kenaga' course. When the course goes live this March, people all around the world will be able to learn Benhti Kenaga' for free. It's a huge step forward in keeping this ancestral language alive.

Sarah says, "Hearing everyone speak our languages is the most beautiful music... like all the birds singing together to make an amazing song."

Please, donate today, and help Sarah -- and us -- work to preserve that music for the future.