Create Free Language-Learning Software for Your Language

An elder and a 7000 Languages volunteer work together to create language recordings.

Free Software for Language Teachers

7000 Languages is a non-profit that creates free, online language-learning courses in partnership with Indigenous people, refugees, and minority language groups. We believe that every community should have the tools they need for language teaching and revival.

We Have Over 40 Activity Types:

A screenshot of a matching activity.

Matching Activities

A screenshot of a multiple choice practice activity.

Multiple Choice

A screenshot of a flashcard game.

Flashcard Games

A screenshot of a listening practice activity.

Listening Practice

A screenshot of a video activity with subtitles.

Video with Subtitles

A screenshot of an interactive alphabet chart.

Alphabet Activities

A screenshot of a slide showing information about a language.

Grammar and Culture Slides

A screenshot of a pronunciation practice activity.

Pronunciation Practice with Native Speaker Audio

A screenshot of a conversation practice activity.

Conversation Practice

...and much more

Plus Teacher-Oriented Features Like:

A screenshot showing how to create a virtual class.

Create a Virtual Class

A screenshot showing the online lesson creation tool.

Create Lessons On-the-Go

A screenshot showing how to assign lessons to your students online.

Assign Lessons to Your Students

A screenshot showing a student's progress report.

Track Student Progress

Who Can Qualify?

We have a few basic guidelines:

  • You don’t need to be a certified teacher.
  • You do need to share any resources you create on and other sites.
  • You can’t teach a major language, like Spanish or French.

Get Started with 7000 Languages

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