Learn Nahuatl, Language of the Aztecs!

About the Nahuatl Language

Nahuatl was the language of the Aztec empire, and it is still spoken by more than 1 million people in Mexico.

You can learn Nahuatl too! In fact, you may already know some Nahuatl words and phrases, like avocado, coyote, chili, and chipotle. All of these words were "borrowed" from the Nahuatl language.

Learn Nahuatl for Free with our Course

Tlahtoltapazolli, a community organization in Los Angeles, teaches free Nahuatl classes every week to interested English and Spanish speakers. In 2017, they partnered with 7000 Languages to create this free Nahuatl course.

A screenshot of a course activity, multiple choice in Nahuatl with native speaker audio.
A screenshot of a course activity, Nahuatl pronunciation practice with native speaker audio

You'll learn Nahuatl words and phrases while experiencing Aztec culture. Try word games and puzzles to improve your language skills. Compare your Nahuatl to a native speaker's pronunciation. Learn Nahuatl grammar and practice with interactive exercises... and more.

Start Speaking Nahuatl Today

This course is 100% free and supported by 7000 Languages, a nonprofit that helps Indigenous people (like the Nahuatl community) teach their languages. Click below to sign up for an account and learn the language of the Aztecs.