7000 Languages is a nonprofit that creates free language-learning software for communities worldwide.

A 7000 Languages staff member and a community elder work together on a language course.
7000 Languages staff visit the Doyon community in central Alaska.
Members of a language team work together to record language-learning audio.

What We Do

We partner with Indigenous, minority, and refugee communities who want to create language-learning software for their language.

We believe that language revival works best when a motivated local team is in charge. That's why the community decides what they want to teach, and why these groups are called "7000 Languages Partners".

Together, we determine the goals for the online course and decide which software activities would be most useful. We offer over 40 activities, including:

A screenshot of a matching activity.

Matching Activities

A screenshot of a multiple choice practice activity.

Multiple Choice

A screenshot of a video activity with subtitles.

Video with Subtitles

A screenshot of a conversation practice activity.

Conversation Practice

Our language-learning software and tools are donated by Transparent Language. To learn more about why we partner with for-profit businesses, click here.

Once the course structure is decided, we train community experts to record audio and transcribe text for the course.

Plus teacher-oriented features like:

A screenshot showing how to create a virtual class.

Create a Virtual Class

A screenshot showing the online lesson creation tool.

Create Lessons On-the-Go

A screenshot showing how to assign lessons to your students online.

Assign Lessons to Your Students

A screenshot showing a student's progress report.

Track Student Progress

Why It Matters

For many groups, language is a way to connect to their culture and identity. Speaking a heritage language can mean better health and better performance in school. Communities know this, and they're looking for modern ways to keep their languages alive.

Don't know what an endangered language is? Click here to learn more.

Who Can Qualify?

We have a few basic guidelines:

  • You don’t need to be a certified teacher.
  • You do need to share any resources you create on 7000.org and other sites.
  • You can’t teach a major language, like Spanish or French.