Have you ever used a spell-checker? How about Google Translate? Or Siri?

These tools have something in common: NLP.

NLP stands for “Natural Language Processing.” It’s a form of machine learning that uses probabilities to “train” a computer. NLP combines statistics, computer science, and a lot of data to help computers use human languages.

Languages like English, Chinese, and Spanish have lots of NLP tools. Because millions of people speak those languages, there is a lot of demand – and a lot of data! However, most languages don’t have the tools that English speakers take for granted.

Our NLP Program helps people create NLP tools for their language.

Here are some of the tools we can create:

  • pdf-to-text converter
  • spell-checker
  • machine translation
  • online, searchable dictionary

We work with each community to determine their needs, and all the NLP tools we produce are open source.

Want NLP for your language? Contact us!