In our Course Creation Program, 7000 Languages works with endangered language groups to make language-learning software. These groups are called 7000 Languages Partners.

7000 Languages uses tools donated by Transparent Language. These tools make it easier to create online lessons. When language teams work with us, we set up their language in those tools. We also train them to use the tools.

Partners decide what they want to teach. We can help language teams design a course outline that fits their needs.
Once the training and course outline are complete, Partners use the tools to record words and phrases. This data is combined with different types of activities to form a course.

Screen images from published courses.

The finished course is published on Partners get an administrator account and can share their course for free. Transparent Language also includes the course in their school and library subscriptions, where it can reach many new learners.

The Course Creation Program is completely free. We never charge Partners for participation, or for access to tools and courses.

If you are interested in becoming a 7000 Languages Partner, contact us!