We connect endangered language groups with the technology they need to learn, teach, and revive their languages.

Participation in our programs and access to our technology is 100% FREE.

Language courses created by our Partners.

7000 Languages Partnership Program

In our Course Creation Program, 7000 Languages works with endangered language groups to make language-learning software. These groups are called 7000 Languages Partners.

The Partnership Program uses tools, donated by Transparent Language, that make it easier to create online lessons. When a Partner works with us, we update the tools to allow typing in their language. We also train them to use the tools.

Partners decide what they want to teach, which allows them to include culturally specific content. 7000 Languages can also help Partners design a curriculum that fits their needs.

Once training and the course outline are complete, Partners use the tools to record words and phrases. That data is combined with different types of activities to form a course.

The finished course is published online by Transparent Language. Partners receive an administrator account and can share the course for free. Transparent Language also includes the course in their school and library subscriptions, where it can reach many new learners. With the community's permission, we can even extract language data so it can be used in archives, other software, or linguistics research. 

Each 7000 Languages Partner controls and owns the content it creates. Similarly, Transparent Language retains ownership of its technology. Under a licensing agreement with Transparent Language, 7000 Languages can use the technology and share it with Partners. Partners, in turn, sign an agreement with 7000 Languages to honor the terms of our license with Transparent Language. These agreements allow the Partner, Transparent Language, and 7000 Languages to freely distribute the finished course. Partners can even sell the course, though they must then return a 20% royalty to Transparent Language for the sale of its technology.

Our Course Creation Program is completely free. We never charge Partners for participation, or for access to tools and courses. For languages with a few hundred, ten, even one speaker remaining, this technology changes everything. Our digital course allows a small team of native speakers to create a durable course and reach learners around the world. It also preserves a record of the language that can be used for future classes, new projects, and even linguistics research.

Natural Language Processing Program

Have you ever used a spell-checker? How about Google Translate? Or Siri?

These tools have something in common: NLP.

NLP stands for “Natural Language Processing.” It’s a form of machine learning that uses probabilities to “train” a computer. NLP combines statistics, computer science, and a lot of data to help computers use human languages.

Languages like English, Chinese, and Spanish have lots of NLP tools. Because millions of people speak those languages, there is a lot of demand – and a lot of data! However, most languages don’t have the tools that English speakers take for granted.

Our NLP Program helps people create free NLP tools for their language.

Here are some of the tools we can create:

  • pdf-to-text converter
  • spell-checker
  • machine translation
  • online, searchable dictionary

We work with each community to determine their needs, and all the NLP tools we produce are free and open source.