Give world-class software to endangered language groups.

7000 Languages is a nonprofit that connects people with the technology to teach, learn, and revive their languages. We believe that every community should have the tools to keep its language alive.

Of the 7000 languages spoken today, at least 3000 are endangered. Often, those communities were prevented from using their languages by political, social, or economic factors. As fewer and fewer children learn these languages, they may be forgotten altogether.

Language, though, is vitally important. It's a way to express culture and identity. It means better health and better performance in school. It can even help save lives. Communities, who recognize these benefits, are concerned about the decline of their languages. Now, they are seeking new ways to keep those languages alive.

7000 Languages works with language teams around the world to create customized language-learning software, provided and hosted by Transparent Language. Thanks to donors like you, our programs – including training, course creation, and unlimited user accounts – are 100% free for the communities we serve.

We've created 14 courses so far, and we're just getting started. Will you stand with us to share this technology with the language communities that need it most?