7000 Languages is a nonprofit that connects endangered language groups with free tools and technology for their languages.

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For many groups, language is a way to connect to their culture and identity. Speaking a heritage language can mean better health and better performance in school. Communities know this, and they’re looking for modern ways to keep their languages alive.

When a community wants software for their endangered language, they contact us.

In our Course Creation Program, we train them to use the tools and software donated by Transparent Language. Then, the community uses those tools to make a course for their language. The finished course is published on Transparent Language Online, where it’s free for the community to use.

In our Natural Language Processing Program, we help communities create tools like spellcheckers, machine translation, and online dictionaries. We’re used to these tools as English speakers, but most of the world’s languages don’t have them! We work with each community to determine their needs, and all the NLP tools we produce are free and open source.

Language courses created by our partners.

We believe that language revival works best when a motivated local team is in charge. That’s why the community decides what they want to teach, and why these groups are called “7000 Languages Partners”. Our programs are 100% free for endangered language groups, and groups own the content they create.

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  • a community member,
  • a linguist,
  • or just someone interested in languages,

You can make a difference!

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